Explanation Film

What is the most vivid way to communicate knowledge?

If you want to present knowledge in the most vivid and memorable way possible, the best medium has to be film. As a creator of individually designed educational films – edu-films for short – I give you the opportunity to present your topics from the domains of education, science or journalism in the most compelling fashion of all.
Rather than producing formulaic movies, I start afresh every time to capture your subject matter entirely individually. Content is thoroughly researched, from which scripts, graphics, typography and animations are caringly produced by hand. Every film is presented in the most appropriate cinematic style with its very own look.
You can be sure the audience will immediately grasp your topics and not only understand the information conveyed, but remember it as well.



How do you present large volumes of data as clearly as possible?

When ideally presented, large amounts of data will not only be clear and visually appealing, it will also be intuitively understandable for the audience, who will be able to grasp the relationships within.
This is best achieved with infographics.
Whether you wish to visualize current affairs, challenging scientific concepts or economic figures, I create effective infographics that present your content more clearly and memorably than text or tables could ever do.
I will certainly not allow your project to disappear into a mash of cliché visualizations. With an extra portion of love for knowledge and design, I find the ideal visual form for your subject matter and create the most detailed and effective rendering.



How do you add an extra dimension to content?

Illustrations are useful for much more than enriching literary texts. Indeed, in a scientific, commercial or editorial context, they are a highly effective means to presenting content more clearly. I create bold, clear illustrations for your project that get right to the heart of the matter. The viewer gains an immediately memorable impression and is drawn to your subject matter.