My name is Philipp Dettmer and I am an Information Designer in Munich, Germany. I lend visual form to complex subjects from all kinds of fields. Using educational film, infographics and illustrations, I strive not only to make knowledge more accessible to audiences, but also to convey memorable insights and reveal new connections within the subject matter.

What is Information Design, and why is it important? There is such a vast amount of information available, it is impossible to keep up. And the amount is growing every day. One of the challenges of our times is to select from this flood of information, analyze it and prepare it so that it can be easily absorbed.
Understanding through design – Information Design – is a solution to this challenge.
Through infographics, visualizations and descriptive illustrations, I convey complex matters quickly and entertainingly. Through designed information, be it a short edu-film or an infographic shown beside text, I grab the audience's attention and make it easy for them to understand and relate to the subject matter.
Whether explaining the vastness of the universe or the tiniest building blocks of life – all information can be presented in a way that everyone understands. Regardless of prior knowledge. It is an exciting task, from which even I, as an Information Designer, learn something new every day.